Networking Against CyberBullying & Slanderous Business Reviews

Network with Others in Your Industry

Warn others in your industry of online users who have cyberbullied or slandered you so that they can take measures to avoid having the same happen to them.


Learn How BlacklistedOnline Works

Welcome to BlacklistedOnline! We are a new and growing platform focused on helping business owners stand up against cyberbullies. Sign up is free!


Learn How to Protect Yourself

You shouldn’t have to put up with defamation, slander, and harassment online. Read further for tips on how to avoid and deal with this common problem.


Why You Should Speak Out

How many times have you found yourself in a bad situation with a client only to wish you had known their track record before ever working with them? Help expose them to help others like yourself.



You shouldn’t have to put up with CyberBullies while trying to run your business. Let others know your story…

We all deserve to be heard when injustice is dealt out to us. Have you ever had a false review posted against you or your business? Perhaps this individual never even did business with your company and yet a public forum still allowed them to post an unverified review that was damaging to you and your business. Or perhaps your industry is under attack by another organization and cyberbullies are targeting you maliciously.

You deserve to be heard!

Let others know who these offenders are, and let your story be known, so that these abusers can be recognized for what the are… and Blacklisted.


An Animal Owner’s Story

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A Mechanic’s Story

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A Contractor’s Story


What Our Member’s Say

“Our business was receiving false online reviews by an unknown ‘client’ that we had never even done business with. BlacklistedOnline allowed us to expose this fake and post our side of the story as a warning to others. It felt great to finally be heard.”

Hannah Johnston
CEO @ Coloreffects

“Our industry is currently under attack by lobbyists and we have suddenly been slammed by cyberbullies giving false reviews about our company. BlacklistedOnline is helping our industry network together to reduce exposure to these vicious attacks.”

Eric Becker
CEO @ Paradiseranch

“BlacklistedOnline saved our company from making a huge mistake! We found a potential client was blacklisted in our industry for falsifying information about businesses and cyberbullying for refunds on services rendered. Having a network helped us know how to avoid getting taken advantage of by this person…”

Richard Collinsby
CEO @ r&bservices

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