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Networking Against CyberBullying & Slanderous Business Reviews

The internet can be a wonderful thing. With smartphones nowadays we hold the world in our hand. Almost any information you could ever need is right there at your fingertips, if you know how to find it.

Unfortunately, this information is not always under our control, nor is it always true.

As business owners, we often find ourselves the victims of other people’s ignorance and negativity. You work hard and invest everything you have into your business… your life, your money, and most importantly – your time. And then one day, some stranger decides to be a self-righteous know-it-all who believes they are entitled to be judge and jury of your life and creation and in a matter of moments they’ve composed a one star review of your establishment to deprive you of your right to income from what you alone have invested in your company.

I mean, seriously. Who do these people think they are?

Where were they when the foundation of your company was being painstakingly laid by your own two hands? Where were they when it came to choose between pouring every cent you had into your business or putting food on the table? Where were they at every juncture of sacrifice you made in order to accomplish what you have? Where was their involvement in anything that makes up your company? Where was their time spent? Where was their money? Where was their help when you needed it? Where was their investment at all?

So what right do they have to say anything about your life, your company, or your worth in society?

Who are they to criticize and judge?

Who are they to tell others that your business is too expensive, too unprofessional, too disappointing, and too unworthy of anyone’s patronage?

Why are uneducated, unlicensed, and uncertified individuals allowed to slander, defame, and destroy what you have worked so hard to create?

…And why as business owners do we allow this abuse to continue?

Why are we not creating a movement together to change the industry’s standard that currently allows us to be subjected to this abuse?

Why aren’t we speaking out more when our business is given negative reviews by unverified customers, that have potentially never even partaken in our services?

Why aren’t we talking back more when we reply to these ridiculous reviews?

Why do we cower and hang our heads, and timidly squeak, “the customer is always right… okay, I’m going to give you a free coupon and a participation trophy so that you don’t destroy my company’s reputation anymore. I really hope that by doing this you’ll come back a changed little angel and not slam my company publicly again at the first chance you get. – Oh please, all my workers hear me out and don’t offend anyone’s delicate little sense of entitlement, we can’t afford another bad review like the last one….”

We complain every day about how entitled people act anymore … and yet we give them power to act that way.

When will finally make the change?

… Don’t you feel it’s overdue?


Our team here at BlacklistedOnline is comprised of small business owners. We’ve all been the firsthand victims of cyberbullying and slander at one time or another… and we’re tired of it. I mean, isn’t it exhausting to be on the defense every time someone leaves you a negative review? Who has time for that kind of stress while trying to run a business? Really.

No one deserves to be harassed, cyberbullied, or slandered for something they’ve worked so hard to create. No one deserves to lose potential customers and income just because a halfwit degenerate gave a self-righteous critical opinion on a public forum.

That’s why we created BlacklistedOnline. At the moment – we cannot stop these people from leaving negative reviews about your business, nor can we block or ban them from public forums that allow them to harass you in this way… but we can offer this platform as a potential catalyst for change.

We can bring business owners together so that they can network and have their stories heard. We can provide a way for business owners to post long responses to negative reviews and input this post’s link into the forum’s response section – since many forums like Google My Business have a character maximum in their response boxes. We can provide a way for business owners to warn others about a client who is wreaking havoc within the industry. We can help each other stand up against the cyberbullies, and support those that are under attack. We can allow business owners to vent about things that stress them – the behavior of customers, legalities, restrictions, etc. We can provide a way for business owners to collect evidence of abuse all in one place. And we can provide a way to link arms together and gain strength as business owners as a whole.

All of these benefits are free right now for our members on BlacklistedOnline.org

We understand the struggle. We understand your hard work. We understand that you deserve better treatment from the public. We want to help you be heard…